Steve Levkoff, PhD, CAP®

Data Science!

The position of Data Scientist is new hot job of the decade. Incorporating techniques from machine learning, computer science, and probabilistic systems analysis, Data Science is something that every contemporary economist should know and master to be competitive in the technological expanse that is provided by the advent and intersection of social networking and big data.  

Check out the online curriculum I've put together using entirely free online open course ware from some of the best sources available to help you enter into this industry without having to shell out +$60k in tuition to go to an ivory tower MIDS program.  

The field is young enough that there is room for folks with the knowledge and technical savvy to compete for six figure entry level jobs without needing an ivory tower pedigree.

Some more cool FREE resources/books for economics students:

Some GREAT places to get FREE economic data:

  • A really cool visual tool for comparing economic data across countries: Gapminder
  • St. Louis Federal Reserve provides a great resource for macro data: FRED Database
  • Another great resource for compiling macro data: Penn World Tables

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